• EPDM base Modular type cable & pipe sealing system

    We provide latest technology for creating fire proof wall by sealing of cable and pipes in various sector.

  • Infotainment And Passenger Information System
    We provide world class product range of Passenger information and infotainment system for metro and railways application.
  • Cctvs & Survellience System

    We offer Quality tested and recognized world class product for CCTVs and Survellience syetm for Stationary and Motive applications.

  • Fire & water proof Flooring

    We provide best quality durable fire resistant water proof flooring material for rolling stock applications.

  • Power and Controls Cables

    We provide world class EN certified Fire retardant Power and Controls Cables for Power, railways and Signaling application.

  • Traction Machines

    We provide Machines & Equipment for Railways Tracks Applications like

    • Rail profile Grinder
    • Welding rail Vehicle
    • Rail Cutter
    • Clippers
    • Power wrench
    • Rail tensor
    • Multipurpose hydraulic power pack
    • Weld Shearing
  • Material Storage & Handling Solutions

    We offer customize solution for storage system along with Material handling system from pallets to ware house.