The Geismar Group designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment to meet the various requirements of OHLE installation and Renewal from basic unrolling solutions to complete train sets.

Product: Wiring Train, Self propelled inspection car, OHE laying cars, track machine and Equipments.


Hitachi Metals is a materials manufacturer that has gained distinction for its high-quality technology and outstanding development capabilities. Hitachi Metals has endeavored to contribute to society and practice quality-based management.

Hitachi metals manufacturer and delivers after sales services for various product like EN and IRIS certified Halogen free chemically cross-link cables for power and controls application.

Products: EN based halogen free Power & controls Cables, Optic fiber cable, Coaxial Cable etc.


Siemens provides electrification solutions for mass transit. We implement solutions based on proven product solutions, whereby we set standards. Efficient plus reliable traction power supply and contact line systems.

Products: Hotel load convertors, invertors & convertors for railways application, Propulsion system, Traction motors.

D2 Engineering

Deals in Design, development and Consultancy of high speed Catenary & Power System and reputed supplier of Tension device, switchgears, neutral section, isolators, Catenery & Over head line fittings.

D2 has been part of many High speed train project in Korea like:-

  • Design & construction supervision for korea high speed catenary & power system.
  • Design for korea high speed Catenary & power system.
  • Design of transmission line & substation for korea high speed catenary system.
  • Design for metropolitan high speed catenary system for Suseo
  • pyeongtaek.
  • Design of power feeding facilities for bundang Subway line of 17.7 km.
  • Detail Design of electric system for Vietnam hochimin Subway.

Products: Tension device, Neutral section, section insulators, isolators, Catenory line, dropper.


Roxtec develop, manufacture, and sell complete sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Our modular-based seals are the foundation, but our sustainable growth is primarily built on committed personnel, strong values, and a clear customer focus.

Products: EPDM modular based Cable and Pipe sealing system.


R2P is leader in integrative system solutions for public transport including passenger information system, CCTVs and Surveillance cameras for Rail and Road Transportation

Products: CCTV & surveillance system for Bus and Trains, PAPIS system etc.


Leading manufacturers of chain and wheel lubrication. Having a large area of supply in power and railways sector. It provide Wheel flange lubrication system for locomotives and EOT cranes.

Products: wheel Flange Lubrication system, Lubrication gel, Eot cranes Lubrication system.


FOCON is a well-established supplier of passenger infotainment system and PA systems for rolling stock. For more than a quarter of a century FOCON has been among the front runners in innovative solutions, total project management, controlled documentation and IRIS certified quality management.

Product: PAPIS system, passenger infotainment system, GPS system.

Medha: On Board Surveillance System

Surveillance system provides increased safety for vehicles and passengers by continuous monitoring and recording of real time events for video replay. Different types of CCTV installations are provided for real time recordings of critical or accident prone areas both inside and outside of the railway vehicle. Recorded videos are stored in non standard format to avoid misuse or vandalism and may be used in the court of law, in case of eventuality.

Frigi-Tech Commerical Air Conditioner Treatment

Frigi-Tech is an intermetallic compound technology that when introduced in the refrigerant oil of a system, forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces. This action removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal and lower the boiling point of the refrigerant gas resulting in a more efficient operating system with substantial savings in energy cost.

Milwaukee Composites, Inc.

Now in our 21st year, MCI phenolic composite products have never failed. Milwaukee Composites Inc. designs and manufactures patented phenolic products for mass transit vehicles. Founded in 1997, our company has supplied over 8.5 million square feet of floors, ceilings and doors throughout the world. Clients include Brookville Equipment, Bombardier, Kawasaki, Siemens, London Underground, New York Transit, Chicago Metra and Gillig. We have supplied products to customers in more than 20 U.S. states and across three continents.